stealth bomber


Dorset Construction

This high-end home is set among native trees on a steep site with challenging access in Wellington’s Island Bay. Designed by Patchwork Architecture, Dorset Construction worked alongside the owners (two architects and an engineer) to build this beautiful home - a Home of the Year finalist in 2017.

The 135 sqm house was designed as a flat for two couples - to create extra housing onsite. The unusually shaped site, sunlight options and existing vegetation ultimately determined the folded boomerang shape of the home. 

Inside, spaces move between lofty and large to intimate and cosy. The home features three bedrooms, a mezzanine and large sliding doors on the east and west sides, which open up to connect the decks and central dining areas. Recycled elements added by the owners, provide texture and interest throughout the house.

Josh Bosher | Mb. 027 303 2335

Adam Pierson | Mb. 021 995 605