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Dorset Construction


Our team were thrilled to take on the project of creating an 18m² glass casting workshop for the talented glass artist, Kelda Morris, in Wellington. The location presented a unique challenge as the studio would be nestled in a hilly area, right on the border of Wadestown and Wilton, surrounded by the lush Wellington greenbelt and tall native trees.

The design process was driven by the desire to integrate the studio seamlessly with its natural surroundings. Minimising the impact on the site was crucial, so materials were carefully selected to harmonise with the rural quality of the area. We used Rivergum Green corrugate cladding for the entire building, allowing the studio's colour to mirror the hues of the surrounding bush. The corrugate also complemented the minimalist architecture, blending effortlessly into the landscape.

On Display

The roof design played a vital role in the overall aesthetics. Opting for a simple mono-pitch roof, we showcased a series of exposed trusses, giving the interior a remarkable sense of height and openness. The triangular shape of these trusses found expression on the exterior through a horizontal flashing that outlined the profile of the roof structure. Inside the studio, the smaller triangular shapes created by the webs and chords of the trusses formed a captivating visual pattern, adding intricacy to the space.

As builders, we were particularly excited about the extensive use of plywood linings and natural timber in the interior. These materials not only lent a warm and inviting atmosphere to the studio but also complemented Kelda's artistic vision. Inside you will find a series of benchtops that wrap around the space, serving as the primary work areas for the glass artist. On open shelves above these benches, jars of colorful powder were stored, ready to be used in the glass coloring process before casting.

One of the studio's focal points was the front wall, designated as a display area for Kelda's finished masterpieces. The richly coloured glass pieces showcased here were a testament to the artist's incredible talent and creativity.

A special corner of the studio housed the kiln, a crucial piece of equipment for the glass casting process, enabling the transformation of liquid glass into solid form and filling the interior with its radiant warmth.

Throughout the construction process, we took great pride in bringing Kelda's glass casting workshop to life, ensuring that every detail was meticulously executed to create a space that not only inspired artistic expression but also beautifully merged with the natural beauty of Wellington's landscape.

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