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New home builders & architectural builders

Dorset Construction are new home builders and the go-to architectural builders in Wellington, Mount Maunganui and Tauranga region. We are experienced builders with an impressive portfolio of award-winning architectural builds and bespoke homes. We work closely with the best New Zealand architects and architectural designers to bring your vision to life.

Designing and building your new home

Designing and building your new home is an exciting time. But achieving this significant undertaking can come with its fair share of unknowns. The cost of a new build needs to meet your budget, and construction timelines need to be kept on schedule. There are always challenges along the way, which is why you need an accomplished building team on your side that's transparent with pricing and offers realistic expectations.

A good team that's on your side

We thrive on the challenge building beautiful new home builds, with impressive results. Quality homes, smart innovation and exceptional workmanship are the standards we hold ourselves to. You’re looking for the best results and so are we. To achieve this, we work with talented architects who have the same high standards as us, and our clients. We have strong relationships with a network of designers, across a range of building types, from family-sized new home builds to high-end custom houses. 


There are many questions you will want to ask if you are planning on building a new house and looking for a new home builder. A good builder will be experienced and will guide you through the building process. Here are some frequently asked questions to help you in the initial stages. 

How to choose a good builder to build my new home?

We recommend doing your research by viewing the builder's work and asking for recommendations from previous clients. Find out how many years have they been in business and to what extent have they completed building projects that fit within the scope, similar to your desired new home. Your builder will also need to be a Licensed Building Practitioner.

What is a Licensed Building Practitioner?

A builder that is a Licensed Building Practitioner (LBP) has been formally assessed and approved as competent to carry out building work that affects the structure or weather tightness of a residential building. Holding a licence also allows the builder to carry out or supervise Restricted Building Work, which is needed to complete your build.

At what stage should I look for an architect?

Engage with an architect at the initial stage of the process. You will need to do your research to ensure they are the right person that can create the style of home you desire. View their previous projects to see if they have a signature style that fits your ideal home aesthetic. Also, talk to your chosen builder to find out the architects they regularly work with and if they would recommend them for your project. 

You'll also want to have found your section, as this may significantly impact the type of home that can be designed, and you may want to discuss this with both your architect and your builder. If you are having trouble finding a suitable section, talk to your builder as they maybe able to help you.

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Dorset Construction are based in Wellington and Mount Maunganui. Contact your nearest location to discuss your new home build.

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